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A Sales process that just makes sense.

Groundwork has been a great tool for vetting clients and for familiarizing ourselves with what the clients needs are and what the property looks like.
It gives us the tools we need to have the most productive initial consultation we can have.
It’s been huge for us. Our office manager loves it because the video allows her to wrap her head around the project and better understand the customer.
-Claire Goldman

Pre-qualify a project before driving to a sales appointment.

By capturing a video of the project from the homeowner, you're confirming the project is right for your business and giving the homeowner the modern, fast experience they now expect.

Make it effortless for customers to get started.

Groundwork creates an easy way to engage new leads. Within seconds, prospects receive a text message from your company - introducing them to your brand instantly.
Groundwork Contractor Text Message to Customer

Communicate Quickly and Easily

You and your customers are busy. Communicate efficiently via text message. Request more information, send a price range estimate, and schedule sales appointments.


Groundwork keeps all my leads in one place and helps me process leads fast.

"It keeps my sales process simple and efficient"

Anythony PryorBurning River Masonry — Akron, Ohio
" If you value your time and don’t want to be in the estimate writing business, sign up for Groundwork. "
We love using Groundwork as a pre-filter to pre-qualify leads before they enter our CRM.

My favorite thing about Groundwork is that all communication is kept in one place. Before Groundwork I was receiving text messages, emails, Facebook messages and more from leads and my crew… It was so hard to keep track of everything because communication was everywhere. When communication is everywhere, you risk losing opportunities.

Now, because I use Groundwork, everything is organized and consolidated into one platform. This allows us to respond to leads quickly and in our industry, a lot of times, the fastest response to the lead is the one that wins the project.

If you value your time and don’t want to be in the estimate writing business, sign up for Groundwork. The videos that you get from leads gives you a full view into the project before you get to the home so you don’t have surprises when you arrive.
-Josh Gadbois Renovista Construction
Don't try to align busy schedules until you're sure the project is a fit for you. Save your time and your customers by effortlessly reviewing their project before an in person sales appointment.

Convenient for you.
Convenient for them.

" Customers like the convenience we offer them with video submissions. "
We are able to have budget discussions and send quick estimates to see if we’re on the same page with ideas and budget. We’ve even had some of the leads sign and become customers on our initial quote based on this interaction! Our leads like the speed in which we are able to assess the needs, put a solution to their needs, and give them a price so they can quickly decide to get it done.
"We often hear we are the first ones to respond, which gives customers confidence to move forward quickly. "
- Rich Stephens, Red Oak Landscaping
"I’m able to get back with customers really quickly and the videos are fantastic. "
I’m able to review leads at my convenience and their convenience. I’ve successfully weeded out customers in situations where I’ve sent a quote and then the customer says "welp, I guess I’m doing it myself" and I think to myself.. Good, glad I didn’t waste a lot of time on it.

For the less than $200/month that we pay for the software, it pays for itself in one unqualified estimate that we didn’t have to go to.

My favorite thing about Groundwork is the consolidated communication with the customer and that it integrates with our CRM for lead imports … I don’t have to go through Groundwork to get the lead information so there is no double entry. This is a great way for them to reach out to us and show us what they’re looking for.

Having videos is great because, for example, just the other day I thought I misread a count that I wrote and I replayed the video to verify, and the count was right…We’ve experienced bad software, but Groundwork … The workflow in Groundwork is really nice and smooth. Everything has worked out great.
- Eric Cox N-Hance Spokane
I don't think we had Groundwork for a month before I thought...

"Why did we not get this sooner?"

Claire Goldman
R&R Landscapes — Auburn, Alabama

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