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Differentiate Your Brand Starting at the First Touch

The typical submit-a-form-and-wait process for the Homeowner is outdated. We provide a valuable first touch for your brand with an immediate, custom response straight to their phone. Meaning Groundwork works for you whether you’re on a ladder or spending the weekend with your family.

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Groundwork Lead Engagement For Home Improvement Contractors

How We Do It

Instant Response

Connect with customers immediately after the form fill with our automated, custom response. It engages with them when they’re excited, and builds confidence that they're moving the project along.

Pre-Qualification Form

Gather information from prospects while they’re excited about the project - immediately after the form fill. The form is custom, branded, and easily accessible for clients.

Intro Video

Introduce yourself and your company at key parts of the customer journey using video. Strategically communicate your values and capabilities, maybe even introducing your team who will work with the prospect.

Automated Messages

Re-connect with customers at every stage with custom automated messages straight to their device. You can include video, links, and a compelling message for them to choose your team.

customer story

“We often hear we are the first ones to respond, which gives customers confidence to move forward quickly.

We’ve even had some of the leads sign and become customers on our initial quote based on this interaction! Our leads like the speed in which we are able to assess the needs, put a solution to their needs, and give them a price so they can quickly decide to get it done.”

— Rich Stephens, Red Oak Landscaping

Rich Stephens Red Oak Landscaping Groundwork

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Text leads back, reply with video, create multiple flows
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