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Josh Gadbois Groundwork Review

“If you value your time and don’t want to be in the estimate writing business, sign up for Groundwork”

— Josh Gadbois, Renovista Construction

The Traditional Sales Process is Inefficient

It’s Time to Rethink Your Sales Process

Convert leads faster using lead qualification and virtual selling tools. Get more time back in your day.

Groundwork - Driving to Unqualified Sales Appointments

Driving to Unqualified Sales Appointments?

Up to 50% of the time converting a lead to a sale is driving to the appointment. Save time by qualifying leads in advance.

Groundwork Virtual Sales Contractor using tool

Trying to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

In the "Amazon Age," prospects expect instant responses and information at their fingertips. Be the first one to connect with customers every time.

See the Project Before the Sales Appointment

Get 10 hours of your week back by qualifying leads and using virtual selling tools. Groundwork is built to optimize your sales process.

Groundwork - More Valuable Appointments

More valuable appointments

By seeing the project site ahead of time, you will get a better idea if it's right for your business. Easily weed out the tire kickers.

Groundwork - Impress your prospects - Home improvement contractors

Impress your prospects

Stand out from your competition with a professional lead conversion process. Groundwork helps you communicate with leads in a new, convenient way.

Groundwork - Quickly Engage and Convert Leads - Home improvement contractors

Quickly engage & convert leads

Communicating virtually allows you to convert leads quicker than driving from site-to-site. When 70% of prospects choose the first company they meet, make sure you meet them instantly.

Who Groundwork is for

Claire Goldman, R&R Landscapes Groundwork Review

"We didn't have Groundwork a month before I thought, 'Why didn't we get this sooner?'"

- Claire Goldman, R&R Landscapes

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We bring you the top tips for virtual selling and maximizing Groundwork.

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