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Win the LEads that Matter

Lead conversion tool built for home improvement contractors. Instantly capture project walkthroughs from homeowners.

Spend 10 more hours a week driving revenue.

Not trucks.

The typical home improvement contractor's sales process relies on in-person appointments. Groundwork provides a video and text-based collaboration tool to speed up the sales process and increase win rates.

More Valuable Meetings with Groundwork Clock

More Valuable Appointments

By seeing the project site ahead of time, you can get a better idea if it's right for your business. Not to mention, you can easily weed out the tire kickers by seeing which prospects send in a video.

Impress your prospects groundwork

Impress Your Prospects

Stand out from your competition with a branded, fresh lead conversion process. Groundwork helps you communicate with leads in a new way.

Engage and Convert Leads Instantly with Groundwork Arrows

Quickly Engage & Convert Leads

Communicating via text message and video allows you to convert leads quicker than driving from site-to-site. Giving you more time in your day to complete and sell more projects.

Get Project Walk-through Videos From Potential Customers

Prequalify your leads and arrive more prepared for your sales appointment by capturing project video walkthroughs from homeowners. With Groundwork, you receive valuable project information before investing more time in a sales appointment.

Groundwork Homeowner Leads
Groundwork Contractor Text Message to Customer

Communicate Quickly with our Customer Collaboration Suite

Communicate with leads how they want to communicate - text message, video message, and more. On Groundwork, you can easily request more information, send a price estimate, or set up a time to meet in person.

Connect with customers using your logo and your brand

Groundwork launches on your website using your logo and brand colors. It's a customized onboarding experience for your customers, impressing them from the beginning.

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Branded Groundwork Customer Surveys

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Intrigued? Go ahead and try the homeowner experience to see how you can elevate your customer journey. No credit card necessary.

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Trusted by home improvement contractors across the world

"Because of this system we have been setting weekly sales records"

Michael Murray

Before [Groundwork] it was just.. go with your gut when vetting new leads. At least 3 of my meetings every week were a waste of time. Now, with Groundwork it's really great. I don't lose those 9 hours a week chasing my tail.

Josh Springer

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