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Turn Any Lead into a
Video Lead

We make it easy for homeowners to send you a video of their project - instantly qualifying prospects and increasing in-person close rates. Create an unforgettable first-touch for homeowners.

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Wondering if virtual selling is right for your business? Try our ROI calculator.

Mike Thompson Mike's Lawn and Landscape

"We no longer needed to hire a second salesperson. Groundwork gave me 15 hours a week back plus gas expenses."

— Mike Thomas, Mike's Lawn and Landscape

Sell smarter, not harder

The Traditional Sales Process Wastes Your Time

Groundwork - Driving to Unqualified Sales Appointments

Driving to unqualified sales appointments?

Up to 50% of the time converting a lead to a sale is driving to the appointment. Save hours by qualifying leads in advance.

Can't keep up with your lead flow?

In the "Amazon Age," prospects expect instant responses and information at their fingertips. Be the first one to connect with customers every time.

Home Improvement Contractor Customer filling out Groundwork form

Need to impress high-end clients?

Make your customers feel special with a sales process that stands out from competitors and works on their time.

How It Works

Selling virtually has never been easier.

Funnel Leads Into Groundwork

Simplify your sales process and unify communication by sending leads through Groundwork.

Respond Instantly

No matter if you're on a ladder or with your family, Groundwork will respond and nurture prospects with custom messages from your team.

Receive Project Video Walkthroughs from Leads

See a project before driving onsite for an appointment using video. Homeowners can easily submit project videos through Groundwork.

Communicate With Leads in One Place

Everyone on your team can communicate with leads all in one place, no matter where the lead came from. Take notes, assign sales reps, host videos, and more.

Save 15 Hours a Week

Increase close rates, save time, and impress leads.
Launch in one day.

Groundwork - More Valuable Appointments

Save 10 Hours Weekly

Easily weed out the tire kickers. By seeing the project site ahead of time, you will get a better idea if it's right for your business. Hear it from a customer!

Groundwork - Impress your prospects - Home improvement contractors

98% of Homeowners Enjoy Groundwork

Over 50,000 happy homeowners have sent project videos through Groundwork. Stand out from your competition with a professional lead conversion process.

Groundwork - Quickly Engage and Convert Leads - Home improvement contractors

Increase Close Rates by 15%

When 70% of prospects choose the first company they meet, make sure you put your best foot forward instantly.

Homeowners Love Groundwork

Across the globe, homeowners enjoy submitting their projects through Groundwork.

Approval Rating
Video Uploads
Messages Sent

"Love how easy that was!" - Homeowner Review

"Good process. Look forward to hearing from you." - Homeowner Review

"Very cool. Hadn't seen anything like this before." - Homeowner Review

"Cool way to submit info." - Homeowner Review

Who Groundwork is for

Ryan Amato Painting Groundwork Review

"After implementing Groundwork, my close rate rose 15% and I only needed to drive to 2 of my typical 16-20 site visits."

- Ryan Amato, Ryan Amato Painting

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