There's a new way for contractors to sell

Stop wasting time on bad sales appointments.
Get project video walkthroughs from homeowners and win more of your ideal projects.

Groundwork is a virtual sales system for contractors who want to work smarter, not harder.

We want you to get your Saturdays back. Get home for dinner with your family. Stress less.

Contractors all over the country are using Groundwork to save time in their sales process, avoid wasted time with bad leads, and build trust with their ideal customers. It’s time to step up your sales game.

Get Project Walk-through Videos From Potential Customers

Groundwork makes it easy to get project video walkthroughs from homeowners. You get valuable project information before investing more time in a sales appointment. Prequalify your leads and win more of your ideal projects.


Communicate quickly using text messaging.

Communicate with leads effortlessly over text message. You can request more information, send a price estimate, or set up a time to meet in person.

Connect with customers using your logo and your brand

Groundwork launches on your website using your logo and brand colors. It's a customized onboarding experience for your customers.

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How it works

Engage Your Leads

Customers interact with a customized button on your website. Your office staff can easily manage conversations through the web-based interface.

Receive Video Project Walk-throughs

Homeowners will receive a branded text message and be guided to create a video walk-through of their project.

Communicate and Collaborate

Easily track conversations and save time with templated responses. Quickly request additional info, schedule appointments, and qualify leads in your sales process.

Trusted by home improvement companies across the country

Save your homeowners time

Groundwork let’s your homeowners contact you and provide valuable information on their own time. An easy first step for them. A huge time saver for you, too.

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Not only does this save us travel time, but it allows us to vet projects before we invest time in the estimate process.

Heather Duchscher

"Because of this system we have been setting weekly sales records"

Michael Murray

Getting started with groundwork


Our team works to customize Groundwork for your company and your brand.

We use your logos and brand colors to create an experience that wows your customers. We also make sure the information the system requests from prospective customers is exactly what you need.


We work with your team to get Groundwork launched on your website.

Getting Groundwork on your website usually takes about 15 minutes. We work with your web team to make it happen or our web team is happy to make those edits. We also schedule a quick meeting to introduce your team to the new system.


Connect your CRM with Groundwork and gain even more efficiency in your business.

We can help you connect Groundwork to your CRM using Zapier so that all leads that come through Groundwork are automatically entered into your CRM. Our customer success team will also help train your team on the Groundwork sales process.

Integrate Groundwork with your crm and estimating tools using ZAPIER

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