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"After weeks, I finally heard back from contractors after sending my Project Story link." - Homeowner, Wisconsin

"I send my clients to Project Story to get estimates. It's so much easier. They love it. " - Realtor, Indiana

"As a single woman, I use Project Story so I don't have strange people in my home." - Homeowner, Indiana

Connect with Contractors 100% Virtually

We thought ... "There must be a better way to connect with contractors."

We hate waiting from 2-6pm for a stranger to conduct an estimate in our home that could've been completed over FaceTime. In a virtual age, we knew there was a better way.

Project Story creates a webpage that hosts all your project information, including pictures and videos. Now, instead of having a stranger in your home, you can send contractors a link and get an estimate.

We tested Project Story before opening it up to the world. We found that contractors who wouldn't answer our generic form fills responded faster when we included our Project Story link.

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How it Works

1. Fill out the form below and we'll send you a text with a link.

2. Click the link and follow the instructions to create your Project Story. It'll prompt you to provide important information about your project, including a project video

3. Select if you’d like our team to send your Project Story to up to three qualified contractors in your area.

4. Receive a text message with your shareable Project Story link. If you opted for our team to connect you with contractors, expect to hear from those contractors within two business days.

How will my information be used? 

We allow you to own your Project Story shareable link so you can easily share your project with contractors. If you opt in to having our team send your Project Story to qualified contractors in your area, we only share it with contractors we know and trust. We will never sell your information.

Founder Story

"I started Project Story to...

solve a problem my wife and I experienced much too often. She's an interior designer and I'm a civil engineer. We also flipped houses.

Getting quotes from contractors was TOO HARD. When I can buy toilet paper, a car, and a house on my phone, it didn't make sense that I had to wait for a stranger to enter my home for a quote on painting my living room.

I started Groundwork in 2019 to solve the problem for contractors. I still felt the need as a homeowner, so we launched Project Story.

This is a new project, so we'd love your feedback. Please email with your thoughts. Thanks!"

- Jeff Wraley, Founder of Project Story