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70% of prospects use the first company they meet, so be the first one to connect with prospects every time. Groundwork provides a fresh, new way to engage and convert leads that's "wowed" over 20,000 homeowners.

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Automated Messages

Connect with customers at every stage with custom automated messages straight to their device. You can include video, links, and a compelling message for them to choose your team.

Respond with Video

Reply to messages the most personal way available - via video. Quickly record and send a custom video response explaining a quote, introducing your team, or even requesting a review to prospects.

Schedule a Meeting

Now that you’ve warmed up the customer, you can schedule a meeting to close the deal. We even make it easier with built-in templates to quickly send your calendar link.

Better prepared for sales meeting

With Groundwork, you know what you're walking into for a in-person sales call. Customers say prospects are 80% sold after using Groundwork's solutions.

customer story

“For the less than $200/month that we pay for the software, it pays for itself in one unqualified estimate that we didn’t have to go to.

I’m able to review leads at my convenience and their convenience. I’ve successfully weeded out customers in situations where I’ve sent a quote and then the customer says ‘welp, I guess I’m doing it myself’ and I think to myself.. Good, glad I didn’t waste a lot of time on it.”

— Eric Cox, N-Hance Spokane

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