Lead Qualification

Stop Wasting Time on Bad Sales Calls

Really, stop. It’s bad for your business and your pocketbook. Make sure the project is right for you before you get in the car. Get 10 hours of your week back with Groundwork’s lead qualification tools.

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How We Do It

Custom Form

Build a custom, branded form to collect the information from prospects you need, including a video. From there, you can determine if the project is right for you and show up to the right projects more prepared.

Project Walkthrough Video

Customers are prompted to upload videos of their project on our easy-to-use platform. Don’t worry about grainy videos or storage problems because we accept up to 10 minutes of 4K video.

Support from the Experts

Set yourself up for success with support from our team of experts. We help you not only with the integration, but with maximizing the features.

Better User Experience

Best marketing practice is to have the least number of required fields on your web form. With Groundwork, you still get the information you need by sending the pre-qualifying questions later.

customer story

“For the less than $200/month that we pay for the software, it pays for itself in one unqualified estimate that we didn’t have to go to.

I’m able to review leads at my convenience and their convenience. I’ve successfully weeded out customers in situations where I’ve sent a quote and then the customer says ‘welp, I guess I’m doing it myself’ and I think to myself.. Good, glad I didn’t waste a lot of time on it.”

— Eric Cox, N-Hance Spokane

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