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Are you’re questioning if you marketing efforts are worthwhile? Not anymore. Our campaign tools track where you leads come from so you can determine the value of the marketing investment - down to the lead.

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Groundwork tracks lead conversions and page views so you can finally track your marketing spend. Simply build a QR code directed to your Groundwork form and place it on mailers, on a banner at your home show, or even on your truck.


Quickly capture leads at events, conferences, and from advertisements with a Groundwork landing page. These webpages are branded to your company and can feature your Groundwork form, intro video and logo. Adjust the messaging for each page and keep track of views and conversions.

customer story

"Before Groundwork I was receiving text messages, emails, Facebook messages and more from leads and my crew.

It was so hard to keep track of everything because communication was everywhere, and you risk losing opportunities. Now, because I use Groundwork, everything is organized and consolidated into one platform. This allows us to respond to leads quickly and in our industry, a lot of times, the fastest response to the lead is the one that wins the project.”

— Josh Gadbois, Renovista Construction

Josh Gadbois Renovista Construction Groundwork

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