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Virtual sales techniques may sound like they’re making a software out of a very personal decision process. That’s why we built tools to ensure you can maintain a personal touch with your prospects every step of the way.

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How We Do It

Respond with Video

Reply to messages the most personal way available - via video. Quickly record and send a custom video response explaining a quote, introducing your team, or even requesting a review to prospects. All in the Groundwork platform.

Intro + Explainer Video

Connect with customers throughout their journey by placing videos in strategic places on the Groundwork platforms. The Intro and Explainer videos are the most popular choices, and you’ll get guidance from our team on what to say.

You’re More Prepared

With the information captured before your first sales appointment, you will show up looking like a pro. Turning those in-home sales appointments into deal closing appointments.

Unlimited Video Storage

Record all of the video you need to connect with customers. This feature is available to your whole team to use throughout the process, whether it’s to introduce yourself, respond to a question, or request more information.

customer story

“For the less than $200/month that we pay for the software, it pays for itself in one unqualified estimate that we didn’t have to go to.

I’m able to review leads at my convenience and their convenience. I’ve successfully weeded out customers in situations where I’ve sent a quote and then the customer says ‘welp, I guess I’m doing it myself’ and I think to myself.. Good, glad I didn’t waste a lot of time on it.”

— Eric Cox, N-Hance Spokane

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