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Gone are the days of random customer text chains that are never on the phone you need. Equip your team with a tool to keep them organized, efficient, and provide the highest level of customer service. It has never been so easy.

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Groundwork Messaging Platform For Home Improvement Contractors

How We Do It

All in One Platform

Easily message your customers right from the Groundwork platform on your laptop or mobile device. Keeping your team, your customers, and your processes organized from start-to-finish.

Collaborate with Your Team

Groundwork is for everyone - from your front office manager, to your sales person, to the owner of the business. Anyone who needs to communicate and nurture customers through their buying journey has a place in Groundwork.

Custom Templates

Increase efficiency by creating templated responses that you can drop into any conversation. From asking for a meeting to requesting a review post-project completion, do it in a flash.

Respond with Video

Reply to messages the most personal way available - via video. Quickly record and send a custom video response explaining a quote, introducing your team, or even requesting a review.

customer story

"Before Groundwork I was receiving text messages, emails, Facebook messages and more from leads and my crew.

It was so hard to keep track of everything because communication was everywhere, and you risk losing opportunities. Now, because I use Groundwork, everything is organized and consolidated into one platform. This allows us to respond to leads quickly and in our industry, a lot of times, the fastest response to the lead is the one that wins the project.”

— Josh Gadbois, Renovista Construction

Josh Gadbois Renovista Construction Groundwork

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