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Your Groundwork lead information, including homeowner-submitted project videos and photos, can now be accessed within CompanyCam. Once your accounts are connected, a link to the Groundwork lead will appear in the Notes section of the associated CompanyCam project. Also, a Groundwork lead submission can now trigger the creation of a new associated project in CompanyCam.

Before You Start

  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and Groundwork in order to integrate the two services.
  • You must be an admin in CompanyCam and Groundwork to integrate

Integration Instructions

1. Go to Settings → Integrations → then click on the CompanyCam tile.

2. Click on the “Connect to CompanyCam” button and follow the instructions to sign into your CompanyCam account in the newly opened browser window.

3. Once the connection has been completed, return to the Groundwork tab, refresh the page, and you will see a “Live” indicator on the CompanyCam tile in the integrations section.

4. To manage the connection and edit the functionality of an active integration in Groundwork, click on the CompanyCam tile. Here you will be able to manage which action in Groundwork kicks off the project creation in CompanyCam. You will also be given the option to disconnect the integration. Remember to save any edits you make.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Lead” and what is a “VideoLead”? Are they different?

A “Lead” is created when contact information in entered in the Groundwork kickoff form. This usually contains the First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address. A “VideoLead” is created when the user completes the entire project survey (what we call a “flow”) including any media upload requirements. A Lead can exist without a VideoLead but not the other way around.

What happens to all of the subsequent photos and videos the homeowner may upload through Groundwork? Do those show up in CompanyCam?

The Groundwork Project Link that is put into the project notes section in CompanyCam will house all of those files. Simply click into the notes section and click on the Groundwork link to view all shared files.

How do I know which CompanyCam projects have a Groundwork project summary associated with them?

As you view your project list, you will see a “Groundwork” tag next to any projects that have a Groundwork project link in their notes section.

About CompanyCam

CompanyCam is designed to help contractors and construction professionals streamline communication and documentation processes. The platform includes features such as photo and video capture, annotation, and organization, as well as team collaboration tools and project management capabilities. CompanyCam's software aims to help users improve efficiency, reduce miscommunication, and simplify the project management process.

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