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New Groundwork Features - February 2023

Take charge of your marketing efforts with our new features! We also added a few of our most requested features.

Pages 📄

Create landing pages in minutes that include your Groundwork Form, Intro Video & Logo.

Quickly capture leads at events, conferences, and from advertisements with a Groundwork landing page. These webpages are branded to your company and can feature your Groundwork form, intro video and logo. Adjust the messaging for each page and keep track of views and conversions with this new feature!

Campaigns 📣

Track lead conversion using QR codes within Groundwork.

You can now easily create multiple QR codes to go to any webpage you want. Our system tracks their conversions and views so you can finally track your marketing spend. We recommend combining the new Pages feature with the Campaigns feature for special events.

Support Center 🧐

Need some help in Groundwork? We now have a fully functional support center.

The support center is your go-to for live support, requesting a feature, or just reaching out to your (favorite) Customer Success Manager. Find it by clicking the “?” on the top right of your Groundwork App or by clicking here.

Custom Fonts 🔠

Match your website's style with custom fonts for the Kickoff form.

We’ve listened to your requests for customized fonts and made the change! Let your Customer Success Manager know if you’d like to change to a specific font or you can email

We’ve only scratched the surface for updates this year and have some more large updates coming in the future. If you’d like to be a part of adding to those updates let us know! Send us an email at

Christian Johnston

Customer Success Manager at Groundwork

As the Customer Success Manager at Groundwork, Christian brings years of experience working in customer success for software companies in the residential contracting industry. His in-depth knowledge of our customers enables him to approach problem-solving with a unique perspective. When he's not working, Christian enjoys spending quality time with his growing family in the Indianapolis area.

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