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Two Tips for Maximizing Home Shows using Groundwork

Engage and convert leads like a pro at your next home show.

In this video, CEO and Founder of Groundwork, Jeff Wraley, explains two best practices for utilizing Groundwork to engage and convert your leads at home shows.

Here's the quick breakdown.

  1. Use a QR code on your flyer to guide leads straight to your Groundwork form. Our team can help get you that QR code and build the flyer.
  2. Jeff illustrates a "Sales Talk Track" that allows you to capture the lead in your Groundwork system and for them to receive a text message on the spot. It makes you stand out from the competition next to you, get an idea of their project, and it saves their information digitally so you don't lose their information.

Transcription of Video

Hey, what's up? It's Jeff Wraley with Groundwork. Hope you're having a great start to 2023. I wanted to make this video for those of you who are going to exhibit at home shows in whatever market you are in. If you are a Groundwork user, one of the things that, even early on, right when I started the business, I started helping contractors do is organize their home show presence and organize the call to action for Homeowners that you interact with at the home show. Two parts to this strategy.

One. If you would like us to help you design some sort of a flyer or provide a QR code to get people to scan that so that they can go through the Groundwork kickoff form and start to go through the Groundwork process where they're uploading a video of their project interacting with you in that way so that you can kind of make sure it's something you want to go after and start to build trust with those ideal customers. If you want that QR code print out type of thing, reach out. We've got a marketer on staff and some other people who'd be happy to jump in to make your home show as effective as possible.

Second thing, call it a talk track, a sales talk track. If you get somebody walking up to your booth, you might say something like, well, let me take your name down. You might schedule them for some time. Those are typically the ways that we see it done.

Here's an alternative. If you have the Groundwork system logged in on your cell phone, if you can log into Groundwork, go ahead, log in, click that "Add a New Lead" button after you have that little meet and greet conversation done, and say to the homeowner, "You know what?" This sounds like a great project. What I would love to do is get some eyes on it. And the way you could help me do this is it's really quick and easy, and we could probably get you some really quick feedback on it. If you upload a video of your project, just kind of give us a tour of the project and talk through the video just like you would if we were there with you. We can get you some really quick feedback. I can send you a text message right now, and that will give you the opportunity to follow the instructions and upload the video. How does that sound?" That's the talk track.

The whole process does two things. One: it allows the homeowner to get something done. They feel like they're welcomed into a process, and maybe even more so than that, they feel engaged by a unique way of talking to a contractor about their project. We have customers all over the country and a few internationally, but chances are the run of the mill contractor that you are competing with a couple of rows over is not doing this. So stand out with a different way to engage homeowners using that talk track. That's the first thing that does.

The second thing that it does is it helps you stay organized. You can stay organized, keep your leads in a spot where you know where they are. They're already digitally mapped for you. You don't have to transfer them. You can add notes and Groundwork. You can kind of manage things a little bit better. So those are my tips to how you can be successful. If you want to do something a little different at your home show booth this spring, give it a shot.

Hopefully this is helpful. If you have any feedback on this whole thing, we'd love to hear it. Shoot me an email back,, check out the website. I will also include a link for you to get some help from Christian, our Customer success manage if you want to talk through any of this as well.

So hopefully that's helpful. Thanks.

Jeff Wraley

Founder + CEO of Groundwork

Jeff is an expert on technology in the trades. In his career, he has spent time in commercial and residential contracting, small business consulting, and technology. He is a champion for innovation and is passionate about building technology to help contractors run better businesses. He has an Engineering degree from Purdue University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Richmond. He is also the Founder and CEO of Groundwork, a video-based sales system for landscaping contractors and other residential trade businesses.

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