Les O'Hara of North Shore Brickwork & Contractor Huddle

Join the conversation with Les O'Hara of Contractor Huddle and North Shore Brickwork. Jeff met up with Les in his hometown of Chicago to learn his story and lessons from the trade. Les is a true New School Contractor, though he shares how he started at the "bottom" and grew the his family business to $6 Million in only 5 years. Over that time he, "made every mistake in the book." Now, he's running a coaching business and making strategic investments in addition to his masonry business.

Les O'Hara has consistently demonstrated his expertise in the construction industry. Les has personally estimated and closed numerous million-dollar-plus construction projects. He has also taken four different types of contracting businesses beyond the coveted seven-figure mark in revenues.

One of Les's most notable achievements was leading an HVAC restoration company from its humble beginnings to being recognized as the National Franchise of the Year for consecutive years. Starting from scratch, Les spearheaded its transformation into a thriving enterprise that captured industry-wide acclaim.

Currently, Les owns and manages a masonry company, overseeing its operations in under 20 hours a week. Under his leadership, the company achieved an impressive $4.0 million in revenue in 2022, a testament to his ability to drive success while maintaining an optimal work-life balance.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Les is a youth and high school football coach. With a career record of 88 wins and only 15 losses, he has cultivated excellence on and off the field. However, Les considers his greatest achievement to be his dream project: his loving family. For the past 26 years, he has been blessed with an amazing wife and four incredible boys.

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