This partnership follows the successful 2023 introduction of Marketplace by TheHomeMag, an advanced platform designed to facilitate smooth connections between homeowners and professional service providers. At the forefront of Marketplace is Home-y, a digital concierge empowered by custom AI technology, offering user-tailored recommendations for local home improvement specialists. Complementing this is the Certified Partner program, spotlighting professionals rigorously screened and supported by TheHomeMag's $2,000 guarantee.

The debut of Groundwork’s services in Marketplace, initially available for Certified and Featured Pros in several major markets including SWFL, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, signifies the start of a comprehensive nationwide deployment expected to unfold in the following months.

Through this collaboration, advertisers within TheHomeMag will gain access to Groundwork's advanced lead conversion technology. This technology, which includes video and photo collaboration as well as remote measurement capabilities, is designed to expedite and enhance the quoting process. This integration simplifies the sales process for home improvement professionals, while also offering homeowners an engaging and interactive experience as they connect with service providers through Marketplace.

Jeff Wraley, CEO of Groundwork, highlights the mutual benefits of the partnership: "Homeowners are looking for quick connections to reliable, qualified professionals. Contractors are always looking for high-quality leads. Collaborating with TheHomeMag enables us to efficiently meet these needs on both sides."

Tom Bohn, President & COO of TheHomeMag, reflects on the significance of this alliance: "Integrating Groundwork's innovative virtual sales software distinguishes our services, streamlining business interactions and reinforcing our commitment to industry-leading convenience and efficiency."

TheHomeMag's Journey

Founded in 2002, TheHomeMag began as a bold venture to innovate the print publication landscape. The inaugural issue, reaching 100,000 homes in Lee and Collier counties, marked the beginning of a new chapter in home improvement resources.

The subsequent years witnessed TheHomeMag's rapid expansion, establishing a presence in 69 markets across 29 states.

Under Tom Bohn’s (President & COO) leadership, TheHomeMag embraced digital transformations while maintaining its core values. The launch of Inbox Advantage and Marketplace by TheHomeMag brought a new level of accessibility and convenience for homeowners. This evolution into Advanced Home Improvement Media (AHIM) reflects the brand's adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

Groundwork: Pioneering Virtual Sales Solutions

Groundwork, a frontrunner in virtual sales software, provides specialized video-based solutions tailored for residential contractors. This technology focuses on enhancing the lead conversion process, showcasing Groundwork's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By transforming traditional sales models, Groundwork paves the way for modern, efficient interactions in the home improvement sector.

Marketplace by TheHomeMag

Connecting Homeowners with Professionals offers a seamless platform for homeowners to find and engage with certified home service professionals. It’s not just a directory; it’s a gateway to quality, reliability, and expertise. Homeowners can explore and connect with a network of trusted authorities in the home improvement field.


For over two decades, TheHomeMag has been at the forefront of America's home improvement advertising. Their dedication to connecting homeowners with top-tier professionals is evident in their comprehensive print publications and the revolutionary digital platform, Marketplace by TheHomeMag. With a focus on quality and reliability, TheHomeMag continues to be an essential resource for homeowners nationwide. For more information about TheHomeMag, visit

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