Flow Editor Feature Explained

You can now edit your own questionnaire flow - the survey flow builder is now available for all Groundwork users! This has been a long time coming as you may know. Let's take a look at some of the details below.

Add or remove questions: Add or remove questions on the fly! Adding a block allows you to customize your question, you can even add text, image, or video to each question! Add as many questions as you like! You can also move the questions and answers using the arrows next to each block and answer.

Customize your settings:

Add instructions for your customers above your Kickoff form:

  • Give your customers clear directions using bold or italic text formats
  • Update your Font Style to match your website

Update display settings:

  • Add a background color, or go transparent!
  • Display a custom image at the top of the Kickoff form

Other details:

  • Hide the progress bar at the top of the kickoff form
  • Capture the email address on the kickoff form
  • Capture project notes on the kickoff form

The Transition Block: The transition block is a moveable block that determines when the customer gets sent the text (i.g. The transition block in between the contact and address block will text the user once they have completed the contact block). This block determines when a homeowner transitions from the kickoff flow to the project flow. Typically, this transition is accomplished via a text message with a project flow link.

Clicking the up arrow opens the transition block. From here there are several options you can choose from, allowing you to customize Kickoff success message and images, and allowing you to update the text message that gets sent out.

Transition Settings

  • Show or hide the option to send the transition text now or later.
  • Allow the homeowner to complete the project flow without receiving a text message on a mobile device.

Kickoff Success: Determine what happens after completing the Kickoff portion of your flow.

  • Redirect user after kickoff to a specific URL.
  • Use a custom banner after the Kickoff (Your logo image by default)
  • Success message: allowing you to add a special thanks for completing the Kickoff form.

Text Message Customization: The wait is over! You can now adjust your own flow text that goes out after the Kickoff! Add attachments, video, or voice to customize your transition text. We even have smartfields available as well to add a personalized touch. The deferred transition text is the text that gets sent after you or the lead have decided to send the text later. Both are now available and fully customizable.

Timeline, Project Type, and Media: You may notice some of the blocks have titles. This is to allow you to tag them on the lead cards.

Project Flow Success: After the lead has successfully submitted their project video, they will be directed to a success page. You can customize this page with a banner of your choice (Logo by default) and a special message and a link.

Once you’re all done customizing your flow questions and texts be sure to hit the “Update Flow” button at the bottom of the page. After that, you’re all set!

Christian Johnston
Customer Success Manager at Groundwork

As the Customer Success Manager at Groundwork, Christian brings years of experience working in customer success for software companies in the residential contracting industry. His in-depth knowledge of our customers enables him to approach problem-solving with a unique perspective. When he's not working, Christian enjoys spending quality time with his growing family in the Indianapolis area.