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The New Normal for Sales: Virtual Selling 


Conducting sales and adapting to customer habits has been a process for many renovators since the beginning COVID-19 pandemic. Companies across all industries are leaning further on new technologies and they are learning the benefits of virtual sales. The construction industry was hit hard during the initial COVID-19 quarantine lockdown. The usual meetings and project walkthroughs couldn’t happen the way we have always known. Contractors had to quickly adjust to meeting with clients online, which has brought the solution of Virtual Selling. 

What is Virtual Selling?

Virtual Selling is conducting the entire selling process in a virtual space. Contractors, painters and businesses alike shifted their focus towards video chats and online meetings. There is also software that allows customers to sign documents digitally and businesses are utilizing online payment processes. This allows for the entire selling process to be conducted without meeting up face to face with your client. 

Businesses have used this virtual space to gain more customers. Social media sites like Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook allow businesses to buy ads that target their ideal demographic. Businesses have also created social media accounts where they post content regularly. Contractors with social media accounts can advertise their services and build an online community. Companies that use social media expand their online presence, which creates a positive impression of their brand. This also draws in more customers without meeting face to face and initiates a virtual sales process.

The virtual sales process works differently for every business, but it often starts off the way your business is used to, creating that initial relationship with your customer. If your business has a social media ad, a potential customer can use this as a way to gain more information about your services and contact you virtually.

Once the initial contact has been made, you can use virtual selling services as a way to gain more information about your client, or you can find time to have a video chat. Functions like screen sharing make it easy to communicate ideas with your clients and to finalize your plan. With the help of software like DocuSign, your customers can sign documents virtually and you will be able to conduct payment transactions with platforms like Paypal

This process has been the best way for residential renovation companies and other contractor businesses to maintain and gain customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can use this technology to grow through the hardships of the pandemic. 

Benefits of Virtual Selling

The transition from traditional sales to virtual sales wasn’t an easy one for the construction industry. Though the shift was new and took practice to get used to, the use of virtual spaces to conduct business is now the preferred choice for both customers and businesses. Online meetings and communications have become the most convenient. Clients no longer have to find a time to meet with the contractor, and contractors do not have to fill their days with travel times and time-consuming communication. 

The back and forth of scheduling in-person meetings with clients is time-consuming and tedious. Getting physical paperwork in order and communicating ideas without a helpful platform is cumbersome for every party involved. Virtual selling always for an easy alignment of schedules, saves time, and it is easier to communicate plans. When your company conducts virtual sales, you will give a positive impression to your current and future clients.

How can Groundwork Help? 

GroundWork is your businesses perfect first step towards virtual sales. Groundwork is a virtual sales system that brings you easy communication with your leads. We make it easy for you to look through your leads to find the best one and communicate with them right away. Instead of playing phone tag and finding a time to meet, you can get all the information you need from your leads instantly. 

Your customers will be able to get a virtual quote from your business and Groundwork guides them to send over a video project walkthrough. This way, you don’t have to set up a time to go see the project before moving forward with sales. You can communicate easily with response templates to get more information and qualify leads in the sales process. Groundwork helps you meet with more clients and provide a positive customer experience. To see how Groundwork improves your customer experience and virtual sales, use our self-guided demo to see what your customers would see! 

Jeff Wraley

Founder + CEO of Groundwork

Jeff is an expert on technology in the trades. In his career, he has spent time in commercial and residential contracting, small business consulting, and technology. He is a champion for innovation and is passionate about building technology to help contractors run better businesses. He has an Engineering degree from Purdue University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Richmond. He is also the Founder and CEO of Groundwork, a video-based sales system for landscaping contractors and other residential trade businesses.

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