Learn from industry pros on the forefront of online selling for residential contractors. Here we’ll bring you tips and tricks to bring your online presence to a whole new level.

What is a CRM?

What is a CRM? How much does a CRM cost? Do contractors need a CRM? What are the important aspects to consider. We answer these questions and more.

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Should you hire a contractor coach?

We chat with Mike Claudio of Win Rate Consulting about what contracting company leaders should be thinking about as they consider hiring a coach.

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The New Normal for Sales: Virtual Selling 

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Are you using the right tech?

Emily Howard and Andrew Dweyer of American Painting Contractor (www.paintmag.com) join us to talk about the shifts they have seen in how contractors adopt technology, their upcoming Tech Fest event, and the growth of collaboration through coaching groups and online forums.

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An Uberization of the trades?

Ari Greenbaum is the founder of ConXpros, an exclusive lead generation platform for residential contractors. Ari discusses his business, the trends he’s seen in homeowner search traffic through the year, and how he has built a company culture that values the relationships he has with his customers.

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What homeowners expect in an "Amazon Prime" world

Groundwork CEO, Jeff Wraley, writes a guest blog post for Nolan Consulting group. In this post, Jeff talks about the shift in sales and marketing that is happening in the trades. Most notably Jeff introduces the “Jobs to be Done” theory and explains how understanding your customers problem, or job to be done, faster can help you win more business and gain life long customers.

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Is your business running you?

Mike Kremsreiter recently sold his painting business in the suburbs of Chicago after growing it the previous 17 years. Mike shares insights on sales, marketing, and business processes that helped him “run a business, make a decent profit, make a good living, … and work less hours.”

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Is your website doing its job?

Jeff Wraley links up with Lewis Vanderwalk of Blue Crocus Solutions to discuss what makes a GREAT trade website, how much it should cost, and what options are out there.

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